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HVAC systems work tirelessly throughout the year to keep us comfortable inside our home or office. These systems rely heavily on a battery of components that must work seamlessly for your AC to be effective. One key part of this system is the air duct - a network of pipes that maintain airflow throughout the premises. However, a leaky or dirty air duct can render your HVAC system inefficient and pollute the air quality in your house. El Cerrito CA Air Duct Cleaning is a premier air duct service agency that offers first-rate duct installation, repair and maintenance services. Not just air ducts, we also provide dryer vent cleaning and maintenance services to help decongest dirty vents and eliminate the possibility of air contamination or fire breakout. Need cleaner and sturdier ducts at a nominal fee? Call us anytime on 510-883-3324!

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Residential clients

Recently, the National Air Duct Cleaners Association conducted a survey and found that air ducts in an average six-room house can accumulate as much as 40 pounds of dirt and debris every year! Another study shows that leaky and poorly sealed ducts can lead to 20-30 percent air loss every day. These findings may not mean much on their own but manifest themselves in the form of high energy bills, bad indoor air, and inefficient cooling/heating systems.  El Cerrito CA Air Duct Cleaning provides top-quality duct cleaning, repair and installation services to homeowners throughout El Cerrito, CA. From advance vacuum cleaning methods to foolproof installation methods, we are known as the best air duct service experts in the town and a growing list of clients is a testimony to that.

Commercial clients

Productivity takes a hit when foul office air puts the health of your employees at risk. Moreover, loss of air due to leaky ducts can impact the efficiency of your HVAC system and lead to exorbitant energy bills each month. With an experience of two decades and a long list of commercial clients, El Cerrito CA Air Duct Cleaning is the most-trusted air duct service expert in town. From designing and installation of duct systems to routine maintenance services, we offer industrial-scale air duct solutions at pocket-friendly rates. Just call us now at 510-883-3324

Air Duct Cleaning

What if we told you that the air inside your house could be worse than that outside? You would think we are kidding right? Except that we are not. It may sound unbelievable, but the air inside your house could be teeming with harmful pollen, allergens, and bacteria. Poor ventilation could be one reason and rising air pollution another. But your AC’s duct is the primary culprit. With time, air ducts tend to accumulate dirt and debris which get circulated throughout the house when you turn on your HVAC system. Once the indoor air gets corrupted, you are exposed to serious health risks such as allergies, respiratory diseases, and even cancer! Not sure whether your duct is clean enough? Call El Cerrito CA Air Duct Cleaning – El Cerrito, CA’s premier duct cleaning service firm – and have your ductwork inspected immediately! Dial 510-883-3324now! Click here to read more...

Dryer Vent Cleaning

We all know that fire breakouts are one of the most common man-made disasters that affect thousands of households. But were you aware that dryer vent alone abets as many as 14,000 such incidents in the country every year? How? Debris and dust accumulated in the dryer lint can trickle past the screen and choke the dryer vent. The accumulation can cause a fire hazard by reducing air flow to the dryer and backing up exhaust gases. Plus, a clogged dryer vent can invite several other problems such as carbon monoxide buildup, mold growth, high energy use, etc. Click here to read more...

Air Duct Sealing

We recently attended to a family that told us about the horrific experience they had with a local firm. They had built a new house and got in touch with the company to design and install their ductwork system. Initially, their HVAC worked just fine and did its job as expected. However, as few weeks passed, they started noticing that it took longer and longer for the unit to cool the house. Also, their energy bills started rising despite no corresponding increase in consumption. When they called the company to complain, it flatly refused to admit its fault and blamed it all on the AC. Fortunately, a close friend recommended El Cerrito CA Air Duct Cleaning and they got in touch with our experts. Within minutes, we found that their ductwork system was badly connected, had too many escape points and was leaking air through the basement and crawlspace. Our experts got to work and fixed the issue on the same day. Click here to read more...

Air Quality Services

We seem to take solace in the fact that the breathing conditions inside our homes or offices are far better when compared to that outside. However, we don’t realize that it takes more than just bricks and mortar to keep the harsh, polluted air at bay. And we haven’t even accounted for sources of indoor air pollution such as dirty air ducts or clogged dryer vents yet. Indoor air quality is a hot-button issue that cannot be overlooked as it has a direct impact on our health. Contaminated air in your house could lead to a host of health issues such as allergies, itchy eyes, wheezing, lung diseases and may even shorten your life. Sadly, most of us are completely oblivious to the quality of air in our house and may not find out until it’s too late. Don’t want to take any chances? Contact El Cerrito CA Air Duct Cleaning, the air quality experts who can detect poor IAQ and offer improvement solutions to help you create a healthy indoor environment. Click here to read more...

Air Duct Installation

Air duct is one of the most important components of your HVAC system and serves as a channel through which conditioned air reaches different areas of your property. Basically, if your HVAC system is the heart, the air duct is like its veins and arteries that maintain a systemic circulation. Thus, for your HVAC system to function smoothly, the ductwork system has to be well connected from end to end to ensure there are no restrictions in air circulation. Click here to read more...