Air Duct Cleaning


El Cerrito CA Air Duct Cleaning El Cerrito, CA 510-883-3324What if we told you that the air inside your house could be worse than that outside? You would think we are kidding right? Except that we are not. It may sound unbelievable, but the air inside your house could be teeming with harmful pollen, allergens, and bacteria. Poor ventilation could be one reason and rising air pollution another. But your AC’s duct is the primary culprit. With time, air ducts tend to accumulate dirt and debris which get circulated throughout the house when you turn on your HVAC system. Once the indoor air gets corrupted, you are exposed to serious health risks such as allergies, respiratory diseases, and even cancer! Not sure whether your duct is clean enough? Call El Cerrito CA Air Duct Cleaning – El Cerrito, CA’s premier duct cleaning service firm – and have your ductwork inspected immediately! Dial 510-883-3324 now!

Why does a dirty air duct mean bad news?

  • It’s unhealthy for you and your loved ones: air duct surfaces attract fine dust which is made up of pet dander, dirt, flakes of dead skin, etc. With time, the accumulated debris can promote bacterial and mold growth, which can spread to other areas of the house and pose severe health hazards to you and your family members. Plus, dust particles can settle on carpets, furniture, and equipment, which make your house dirty and polluted.
  • It takes a toll on your HVAC system and leads to higher energy bills: Dirt-choked ducts can impede the airflow in the house and can wear out your HVAC system by forcing it to consume more energy. This not only impacts the operational efficiency of your air conditioner but also leads to high energy bills.

We use advance vacuum equipment to clean every corner of your ductwork system and ensure that there is no hint of contamination left once we are through. In fact, many of our customers have noticed an immediate improvement in air quality right after availing our services. Want to try for yourself? Reach out to us today!

How do we get the job done?

Some people would say that duct cleaning is a routine job which can be managed without the help of a professional. But we beg to differ. Sweeping off the dust from your duct surface and vacuuming around the vent does not constitute proper cleaning. It takes a professional to reach every nook and cranny of your duct - even the crawlspaces and areas hidden behind the walls. Moreover, the duct could be infested with dangerous contaminants that can harm you if you come in direct contact. Here’s how the professionals from El Cerrito CA Air Duct Cleaning deal with the situation:

  • Thorough inspection: We inspect the design of your ductwork system to locate areas which need maximum cleaning. If the spots are not directly accessible, we identify access points and figure out non-invasive ways to reach these areas.
  • Basic cleaning: We first use thick brushes to scrape off caked up debris from the surface and other areas of your duct.
  • Advance cleaning: We use vacuum equipment to suck out all leftover dust, debris from the system. In case your duct is infested with mold or bacterial growth, we use potent removal agents on the affected areas.
  • Check-up: We inspect your ducts thoroughly to ensure that it is completely free of dirt and contaminants.

Has it been a long time since you got your air ducts cleaned? What if you are inhaling unclean air without even knowing it? El Cerrito, CA’s best duct cleaning service is just a phone call away. Dial 510-883-3324 now!